The Minnesota State Fair begins in less than 24 hours and "Pokémon Go" players are rejoicing. The word on the PokéStreet is that the Great Minnesota Get-Together is going to be PokéHeaven. In other words, expect to see more fair-goers than usual walking with their heads down and phones out.

There's even a handy map for players detailing the locations of 100 PokéStops, seven gyms and six charging stations. (We are still waiting for a guide instructing players how to eat cheese curds and play the game in tandem.)

Whether this is good news or bad news depends if you're a fan of the game.

Players are elated.

Non-Pokémon players have other opinions. Some took to Twitter to air their concerns about sharing the fairgrounds with Squirtles, Pikachus and Zubats.

One guy seemed to imply that "Pokémon Go" at the fair will be as annoying as parents pushing triple wide strollers through the crowd.

After its launch this summer, the game’s popularity was visible in parks, tourist destinations, and neighborhoods. Kids and adults alike abandoned their sofas and swarmed the augmented reality world to catch Pokémon and capture Pokémon Gyms.

The phenomenon was widely reported (including by us) (and us again) and while many speculated that the game would be a short-lived fad, players have remained steadfast throughout the summer. The app still remains the number one smartphone game in history and the top grossing app on iOS and Android.