'A Night With the Agency'

It's hard to raise an eyebrow with skateboard art these days, but the '90s innovators at Stereo Sound Agency still carry a considerable degree of clout. Founded in L.A. in 1992 by Jason Lee (yup, of "Mallrats" and "My Name Is Earl" fame) and his pal Chris Pastras, the company's deck designs have often evoked an Old Spice kind of vibe -- a retro man style built on tobacco pipes and old jazz album covers. While Lee will not be attending the Agency's art opening at Vine Arts Center this Friday, his photography will be on display. The show also includes imagery from Pastras, print work from Stillwater-born skate hero/art pro Clint Peterson and a large collection of Stereo skateboards from over the years. Opening reception 6-10 p.m. Fri. 08/15, Vine Arts Center.

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  • Gregory J. Scott

'From Sportswear to Streetwear'

What do Lacoste polo shirts, colorful Nike sneakers and Members Only jackets have in common? All of them -- and for that matter, almost everything we wear -- are inspired by sports. From the mid-19th century popularity of croquet and lawn tennis to the late-19th century introduction of the bicycle, American dress has been largely formed by our love of the game. The connection between sports and fashion is explored in the fall exhibition at the University of Minnesota's Goldstein Museum of Design, tracing the paths that garments take from their original purpose to their place on the street. "From Sportswear to Streetwear: American Innovation" will feature clothing from the Goldstein's own collection, including designers Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hermés, Valentino, Lilly Pulitzer, Juicy Couture and Converse. Opening reception 7 to 9 p.m. Fri., 08/15, free.

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  • Jahna Peloquin