After "WandaVision" Episode 5, Agent Jimmy Woo is gonna need a bigger whiteboard for all the new questions. Here's a Q&A exploring those issues. (Spoilers ahead!)

Q: Why does Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) call Wanda's superpower effect a hex?

A: Because that's what Wanda's power was called when she was introduced in "X-Men" comics in 1964. Back then she could cause catastrophic accidents, or hexes, with a gesture. But Wanda grew in power and scope over the years to the Scarlet Witch of today, who can manipulate reality. On the show, they explain it away by pointing out that Wanda's power manifests itself in hexagonal shapes.

Q: Why wasn't Pietro played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in "WandaVision," as he was in "Avengers: Age of Ultron"?

A: That's a very good question, which raises many more. As noted, the Pietro in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was played by Taylor-Johnson, who died in "Age of Ultron." Another, wholly unrelated Pietro existed in Fox's X-Men movies, due to the co-ownership mentioned above, played by Evan Peters. Since Wanda's original Pietro is dead, somehow the living version we know about from an unrelated movie series was substituted instead.

And it's not just a recast — both Vision (Paul Bettany) and Darcy failed to recognize this Pietro. But the audience did, and it's a jaw-dropper. See, Marvel never could mention or use mutants, due to Fox owning the X-Men rights. Until now. Pietro is not only a character from another universe, he's the first mutant in the MCU. Won't the X-Men be close behind?

Q: Wait, why couldn't Wanda resurrect her actual brother? She brought Vision back to life.

A: That's another very good question, which we will have to wait for the show to reveal. In "Special Episode," Wanda explains to her boys that she can't, in the words of one of the twins, "fix death." So Sparky the dog remains dead. But what about Vision? Well, that's completely unexplained, especially as we see him briefly as he truly appears in another episode, as a gray-skinned, dead-eyed corpse with a hole in his head.

Methinks there's another villain behind the scenes, one supplying all this power, one we haven't met yet. One who is manipulating Wanda, just as surely as she is puppeteering Westview.

Q: Could it be Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg)? He's a nasty piece of work.

A: Could be. But Hayward seems like small potatoes. (He's probably just another Hydra mole.) More likely our Big Bad is one of the major Marvel Universe players Wanda has ticked off in the comics. They include Mephisto (Marvel's Satan substitute), Chthon (an evil Elder God of the H.P. Lovecraft variety), the High Evolutionary (a highly evolved scientist who enjoys playing God) or Immortus (a time traveler with an unhealthy fixation on Wanda).

Q: Who is the aerospace engineer Monica thinks is "up for the challenge" of infiltrating Westview?

A: The most famous aerospace engineer in the Marvel Universe is Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Could this show introduce both the X-Men and the FF?