Oh, golly. Another former Gophers athlete in an upcoming celebrity marriage.



This time, it's Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and country singer Jessie James, according to enough reports to make us comfortable passing along the news.

There's a sense of equality here that probably didn't exist in the 72 days of Kim 'n' Kris in that sports web sites, including Yahoo.com,  will tell you something like  "Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker is engaged to be married to country music singer Jessie James."

Meanwhile, a country music site -- the Boot -- wrote: "Sorry guys, Jessie James is officially off the market! The pop-country singer is engaged to Denver Broncos star Eric Decker."

Kris Humphries only got top billing with Kim Kardashian in places that could refer to him as "former Hopkins High School and Gophers basketball star." That would be here.

Whatever the case, Upload is happy for the couple -- and wishes Eric 'n' Jessie, 72 years (or more) of happiness.

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