Most of the stuff that we post is educational, but this one isn't. This is pure eye-candy for the season. If you follow our Facebook page, you’ve surely seen most of these photos, but not all of them. These are our favorites from 2019. Warning: Several of these photos are gross.


Big spider (for Minnesota).

Big spider

This is one creepy-looking crawlspace.

creepy crawlspace

How did this fish get on a roof? We're guessing a bird dropped it. Yes, there was a lake nearby.

Dead fish on a roof

Hello frog!

Frog in window

Here's a frozen bat.

Frozen bat

Frozen bat close-up

Hop on in, the water's green!

Green bathtub water

Big wasp nest.

Big wasp nest

Two mice huddled together at the bottom of a sump basket. The rest of what's happening here... is macabre.

Two mice in sump basket

Opossum in a crawlspace.

Opossum in crawlspace

Roaches on Ice. This was a vacant, unheated, dirty house.

Roaches on ice

Dead mouse in electrical panel.

Dead mouse in panel

Obligatory skeleton in the closet.

skeleton in the closet

We caught this mouse hiding behind the siding. We also know where the owner keeps the spare key ;-)

spare key mouse in wall

Quit drinking out of there! Don't you know kids pee in that water?

Squirrel drinking out of pool

Just hangin' out.

squirrel hanging out

This squirrel was frozen solid in the attic.

frozen squirrel

We're not sure what this used to be. We're guessing a squirrel.

Pile of fur

Zombie squirrel! Or maybe a mother protecting its young.

zombie squirrel

Bats bite. Keep your distance. There's your informational nugget for the week ;-)

Bats bite

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