Democrat Angie Craig announced today she was endorsed by the DFL Feminist Caucus and President of the Minnesota Senate Sandy Pappas in her bid to replace Republican Congressman John Kline in Minnesota's Second Congressional District.

In a press release from her campaign, Craig said the "Feminist Caucus is committed to using the democratic process to eliminate gender discrimination and I will do everything in my power as a member of Congress to do just that." Craig added, "no one embodies the principles for which the Feminist Caucus stands better than Sen. Pappas."

Over the last few months, Craig has been endorsed by numerous DFL elected officials, party activists and labor organizations. 

Two other Democratic candidates, Kittelson and Mary Lawrence, have both announced they are running for Congress. Craig has publicly committed to abiding by the endorsement of the DFL Party in the Second Congressional District.

Kittelson said during a debate last week that his plan is to abide, while Lawrence has not agreed to abide by the endorsement. 

Four Republican candidates are currently running for Congress in Minnesota's Second Congressional District: David Gerson, John Howe, Jason Lewis and Pam Myhra. 

All of the candidates are hoping to win the seat currently held by Kline, who announced in September that he would not seek re-election to Congress next year. 

Picture source: Angie Craig for Congress