Each fall, migrating raptors deliver a memorable show as they pass along the North Shore near Duluth.

The Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is expecting more than 80,000 raptors this fall, in a migration that has already begun.

Other migratory birds will join the wide variety of passing raptors, the latter including sharp-shinned hawks, merlins, broad-winged hawks, northern harriers, and red-tailed hawks.

The migration will continue through November.

Naturalists and volunteers at the nature reserve will offer interpretive programs between 9 a.m.-4 p.m., beginning Saturday through Oct. 31.

The programs, including live bird demonstrations and free binoculars rental, will be offered at the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve Main Overlook.

More information is available at www.hawkridge.org, or by calling 218-428-6209.