An appetite for time

Are we a time-starved society, or merely disorganized?

Is being "too busy" an easy excuse or a fact of life? (And does this depend on whether you're saying it or listening to it?)

When you complain about being too busy, how much of what you do is by choice? Among all the demands on your time, how do you set priorities?

We're looking for insights into how you, dear reader, manage your time. We're looking for solutions, epiphanies, strategies, philosophies (and keep it to no more than two paragraphs, please -- how much time do you think we have?).

E-mail your thoughts to; please type "Time" in the subject heading. Or write to Kim Ode, 425 Portland Av. S., Minneapolis, MN 55488 Deadline is Dec. 9. We'll run some responses in an upcoming edition.