In this market, we have all four of the accepted major sports teams, with a fifth in MLS scheduled to arrive in a few years. For now, it's the four. The past three teams to make it to the postseason among those four were:

• The 2014-15 Wild, which clinched a playoff spot last night.

• The 2013-14 Wild, which made it to the second round.

•The 2012-13 Wild, which ended a playoff drought.

When it comes to recent success, it's the Wild … and that's it. By 2017 or so, that could be a lot different. But for now, fans should be thankful to at least have the Wild.

playing defense Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski responded to Bo Ryan's "rent-a-player" comment, saying on ESPN Radio, "There is more than one way to run a business."

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