Did you know there are at least 100,000 Minnesotan's living with Alzheimer's disease? Or, that 245,000 unpaid Minnesota caregivers provide 2.8 million hours of care for these individuals? Are you aware the numbers of those living with Alzheimer's is increasing, from 12 percent of Minnesota seniors in 2015 to an astounding 36 percent of seniors by 2025?

Alzheimer's is a public health crisis and the most expensive disease in America. Even though Alzheimer's disease was identified more than a century ago, there is still no cure or even effective treatments to slow its progression.

In Minnesota, we are lucky to have a strong chapter of The Alzheimer's Association. The chapter was formed some 30 years ago and provides many services, including education, assistance and advocacy. 

My friends at the chapter alerted me about a bill  SF247  that is currently winding its way through the halls of our state capital. 

SF247, also called the Alzheimer's Research and Support Act, is vitally important. First, we have research institutions in our state that are poised to find possible treatments for Alzheimer's and this bill provides monies for this vital research. Additionally, the SF247 support section provides consultation, informational materials and resources needed by struggling caregivers across our state.

It is difficult to find a Minnesota family not affected by Alzheimer's or another form of degenerative memory loss. Those living with the disease and their families and caregivers often feel powerless.

This is your chance to take back some power. You can make an impact today by helping to pass this important piece of legislation. 

Below are the names and contact information of three Minnesota legislators. I'm asking that you please send emails or make phone calls to Senators Bonoff, Pappas and Cohen requesting their assistance in passing SF247 the Alzheimer's Research and Support Act during our current legislative session. 

Senator Sandra Pappas:
Visit: www.senate.mn/senatorpappasemail (for the senator's email form)

Senator Terri Bonoff:
Email: sen.terri.bonoff@senate.mn

Senator Richard Cohen:
Visit: www.senate.mn/senatorcohenemail (for the senator's email form)

Thank you all for lending your voice to this important cause. Together, we can make a difference by finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

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