The alleged shooter of two WDBJ employees went on a Twitter rant airing out his grievances with victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward, who he is believed to have shot and killed during the duo’s live shot at 6:45 a.m. ET.

The suspect, Vester Flanagan, claimed Parker had made racial remarks at his expense. Hours after the killings, Flanagan shot him as he was being chased by police, and he was taken to a hospital.

Twitter quickly suspended @Bryce_williams7 account as did Facebook.

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He posted video of him walking up a balcony and approaching the reporter and photographer before shooting them. Flanagan used Bryce Williams professionally and on social media.

Station general manager Jeffrey Marks acknowledged Flanagan filed a complaint against Parker, but it was dismissed after station employees didn’t back up his claims of racial discrimination by Parker.

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Marks said Flanagan was a difficult person to work for and that station employees viewed him as an angry person. One of his Twitter posts showed an image of him pointing a gun toward Parker.