Diana DesRosches

Anoka wrestling

Why she won: At the end of each season, Anoka’s volunteer stats guru and No. 1 supporter for more than 25 years compiles a three-ring binder for each coach and wrestler, from ninth grade to varsity, detailed with every statistic from the season. Copies of newspaper stories are included. She’s also created a collection of Anoka wrestling trivia over the years. If Anoka is holding an event, she’s there as a volunteer. “Diana never misses an event, close by or in another state,’’ her nominator wrote.

What she said: “After my son got done wrestling, I was so in love with this family and this sport and the kids involved with it. I couldn’t walk away. I just loved to keep stats. In another life I was going to be a statistician. But I didn’t. [Took stats] just because it’s my second family. I love these kids, what they do and how dedicated they are.”