The only African-American candidate running for mayor, Don Samuels, has failed to win the endorsement of the DFL’s African-American caucus.

The caucus announced last week that they had endorsed two candidates in the race, Betsy Hodges and Jackie Cherryhomes.

The endorsement process focused on the candidates’ use of city resources and ability to address economic, housing and transportation disparities in African American neighborhoods, according to a press release.

It also examined candidate support for appointing African-American residents to city positions and ensuring the Civil Rights Department is "elevated and not marginalized."

Mary Anderson, secretary of the caucus, said about 30 to 40 people voted on the endorsement. Samuels’ campaign declined to comment on their decision.

“Over the years, it is not the first time that the caucus has endorsed non-African Americans in a race where African-Africans” were running, said Bill English, co-chair of the caucus.

Samuels lives in and represents North Minneapolis.