We wrapped up our four-part series on Afghanistan on Sunday with a look at a glimmer of hope at one Afghan Army outpost. A group of Minnesota National Guard members was able to make some small improvements at the base but whether those improvements can continue is anybody's guess.

The other parts of the series are here, and here and here.

Here are some pictures of the Afghan Army base that illustrate conditions the soldiers faced there.

Workers were fixing a leaky roof with mud, straw and water

The main stairway to the roof was falling apart

Afghan soldiers waited anxiously for lunch at a new kitchen

The new kitchen had been moved from where soldiers relieved themselves

Spec. Rich Lane, from the Minnesota National Guard, inspects rusting Russian military equipment

Lane in front of the old kitchen facility

Lane inspects more Russian equipment

Note to Star Tribune accounting department: I bought $20 worth of Afghan bread for the soldiers. No, I don't have a receipt..