Maple Grove Transit is sticking its toe into the world of bus wrap advertising, covering one of its motor coaches with an advertisement promoting an orthopedic clinic that recently opened new offices in the city.

The ad for Twin Cities Orthopedics featuring a golfer on the curb side of the bus and a runner on the driver’s side will debut on April 8.

Other transit agencies such as Metro Transit have wrapped buses and trains for years, and "there is some acceptance and familiarity with it," said Maple Grove Transit Administrator Mike Opatz. However, the iconic maple leaf that signifies the agency's buses will be featured above the front passenger door with the words "Maple Grove Transit."

The ad, created by Allover Media, will bring $3,500 to the transit agency and comes after a couple years of exploring the idea, Opatz said.

"With transit funding tough to come by, we think it makes sense to undertake this venture, at least on a small scale."

Going forward, Opatz said that a couple more buses might get wrapped but that the agency will continue to use the green maple leaf that is prominently displayed on its fleet to market itself.

"We feel that keeping our logo front and center is important," he said. "We feel that buses traveling on the streets and freeway with our logo is the best form of marketing. It's in a sense a traveling billboard."

More information about Maple Grove Transit is available here.

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