A good friend of mine processes a few of his pheasants into andouille sausage each season.  I've always associated andouille sausage with jambalaya, so that's how I've utilized his generous gifts of frozen packets. 

Last night, I put the final pack of pheasant andouille sausage to work.  I'm certainly no Cajun chef from Louisiana, so please forgive my Yooper take on this classic French and Spanish influenced dish. 

1)      Start by boiling six servings of rice.

2)      As the rice begins to soften (about half way through the cooking time), add two diced pheasant andouille sausages.

3)      Add a can of chili beans (medium chili sauce).

4)      Add a half pound of cooked shrimp (deveined and no tails).

5)      Add a quarter bottle of Frank's hot sauce (to taste).

6)      Simmer on low for 10 minutes.

7)      Check the spiciness of the broth and add more Frank's hot sauce if necessary.

8)      Add a cup of sweet corn kernels and half a diced green pepper.

9)      Simmer for a minute longer, cool, and serve.

Serves four easily and makes great leftovers as well.  I think you'll find pheasant jambalaya to be a pretty tasty way to add a little spicy variety to your pheasant menu.

Chef Pierre