A new exhibit at the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis is an homage to saltwater game fish and the artist who built a life on them.

The exhibit of original paintings by Stanley Meltzoff runs until Aug. 30.

“We are always looking for artwork that reveals ways that people connect with the natural world,” said curator of exhibits Don Luce. “... [Meltzoff] had this very different perspective of seeing these fish underwater, which is very different from the typical depiction of sport fishing with a fish on a hook on a line, jumping out of water. He was able to paint these fish as they appear underwater. … He really gave a new kind of way of seeing a natural world from the underwater perspective.”

Meltzoff, who died in 2006, brought experience as a scuba diver and spear fisherman to his art.

More information online at www.bellmuseum.umn.edu.