The Traveler: Kay V. Christianson of Minneapolis

A sunny day in Zermatt, Switzerland, offers an exceptionally clear view of the Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks of the Alps. A year ago, "we spent three gloriously sunny days in Zermatt. This was a miracle, to be able to see the Matterhorn with perfectly blue skies," wrote Christianson in an e-mail. "No cars are allowed in Zermatt, so the quiet and the scenery are absolutely breathtaking," she added. Christianson traveled with her husband, Glen, and a niece and nephew, who is studying in Geneva and acted as a guide. The group took lots of hikes and viewed the mountain from many angles, with Christianson taking photographs along the way. She shot this one — among her favorite shots — with a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS camera from her hotel window. "What a way to greet each day. Our time there was unforgettable. When I want to bring my mind to a happy place, this is where I go."

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