Just in time for the holiday shopping season comes Sugar Sugar (3803 Grand Av. S., Minneapolis, www.sugar-sugarcandy.com), which celebrates sweet teeth of all stripes. Baby boomers will get a kick out of owner Joni Wheeler's small but tempting array of long-forgotten goodies: Good News and Oh Henry! bars, Mallo Cups, French Chew taffy and Black Jack, Fruit Stripe and Clark's Teaberry chewing gum. Big glass jars are filled with a variety of alluring edibles, including a large licorice assortment.

"I'm told that Minnesotans eat more licorice per capita than any other state, and my sales support that," said Wheeler. There are also macaroons (made by Janan Juliff, aka the Cake Diva, a Minneapolis specialty baker), marshmallows (from Susan Dietrich of Very Prairie in Minneapolis), fantastic chocolate truffles and cocoa from Christopher Elbow in Kansas City, cabernet-flavored suckers ("champagne is coming," said Wheeler), even chocolate perfume.

"There's a lot you can sell under the imprimatur of candy," said Wheeler with a laugh.

One reason Wheeler's shop looks so good: She spent a dozen years working for image-conscious Paper Source, and she's peppered the place with her cool collection of candy memorabilia. Aside from a vintage See's Candy poster, another lovely touch is the change-filled jar next to the cash register.

"That's the tax fund," said Wheeler, explaining that her burgeoning after-school crowd hasn't quite figured out that buying a dollar's worth of candy actually costs $1.08, which is why she encourages her grown-up customers to toss a little change into the "fund" and cover the 8-cent difference. Sweet, right?

Around town

Want to grab a snack during the Holidazzle parade? Find cold-weather street eats ideas at startribune.com/tabletalk, where the buzzwords are Chef Shack and Vincent.

In honor of the perennially popular screenings of the British Television Advertising Awards at the Walker Art Center, the museum's food-service operations are finding inspiration in all things British, including ales and drinks in the Bazinet Lobby ($1 off if you flash your ticket to the show) and a selection of savory snacks. At 20.21 (1750 Hennepin Av. S., Mpls., www.wolfgangpuck.com), chef Asher Miller is creating a British-inspired tasting menu.

Yep, that's W.A. Frost & Co. (374 Selby Av., St. Paul, www.wafrost.com) featured in the December issue of Bon Appétit magazine. The Cathedral Hill restaurant shared its recipe for mussels with chorizo and spicy chermoula broth.

Breakfast at the Anchor

I screwed up last week when I noted the days that Anchor Fish & Chips (302 13th Av. NE., Mpls., www.theanchorfish andchips.com) serves breakfast. The "chipper" pulls out the eggs, bangers and grilled tomatoes on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 10 a.m.