When making quiche, many of us struggle with the crust. While it adds flavor and crunch, it takes time and is a bit messy to make from scratch. But you really don’t need one. You can skip making a crust, dust a greased pan with flour, and you’ve got a fine breakfast, brunch, lunch or light dinner in no time flat.

It’s simply a matter of mastering the basic cheese custard. After that, the quiche is open to a wide range of possibilities. Add cooked vegetables, fresh herbs, spices, sizzled smoked meat or sausages. It’s fun to vary the cheeses for flavor and texture.

The basic ratio for a custardy quiche is four eggs, with enough cream and/or milk or mix of both to equal 2 cups of total liquid (that is eggs and cream combined).

Then feel free to add about 1 cup of sautéed or roasted vegetables plus 6 to 8 ounces of cheese. This is the kind of recipe that you’ll be able to make from memory in no time.

The quiche should emerge from the oven slightly wobbly, lush and creamy for an immensely satisfying impromptu meal. Try the additions that follow the basic recipe, which are meant to inspire your own.


Beth Dooley is the author of “In Winter’s Kitchen.” Find her at bethdooleyskitchen.com.