THE Traveler: David Hedberg of Shakopee.

The scene: A tour boat floats near Iguazu Falls, at the border of Argentina and Brazil, where the Iguazu River roars over the largest waterfall system in the world. Hedberg traveled there with his wife, Kathy, and they were "struck by the beauty of the falls."

Trip details: The couple stayed at the Belmond Hotel, the only hotel inside Brazil's Iguazu National Park, which gave them 24-hour access to the walking paths. "The tourist buses cleared out daily at about 5 p.m., leaving us almost completely alone to enjoy the natural beauty in peace and quiet," Hedberg wrote in an e-mail. "Iguazu Falls is a completely different natural wonder than Niagara Falls," he noted. "The falls stretch out over a few miles with hundreds of waterfalls ranging from small trickles to massive swells of water. The thick jungle that surrounds the falls intensifies the experience by providing solitude, lushness and wildlife. It is quite a trek to get to it, though. Including layovers in Chicago and Rio [de Janeiro], the total travel time was nearly 20 hours!"

Equipment: Hedberg used a Nikon Coolpix L830 to get this shot.

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