Photo originally published in March 1960.

On this sunny day, Minneapolis Tribune photographer Dwight Miller took a series of photos from atop the Hotel Leamington, which offered unobstructed views of downtown Minneapolis.

Today the view at 10th Street and 3rd Avenue S. is just a little different. But in 1960, the Foshay Tower was the shining architectural star of Minneapolis and the city's tallest building. That record held until 1972, when the IDS Center was built. Now the Foshay doesn't even crack the top 10 (although the IDS is still tops).

The Leamington stood sentry at the edge of downtown for nearly 80 years. The hotel has been gone since 1992 (it's now a parking ramp), but in its heyday it was host to an impressive list of "honored guests," noted on a plaque in the lobby. Among them? Six presidents, Frank Sinatra, George Steinbrenner and Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby).

Nicole Hvidsten