Mother of invention

Elizabeth Carmichael aspired to be the next Henry Ford, but she has more in common with Elizabeth Holmes, the con artist featured in HBO's mesmerizing "The Inventor." "The Lady and the Dale," a four-parter on the would-be car mogul, is pretty terrific, too. But it's hard to detest Carmichael, especially when the documentary goes deep on its protagonist's struggles to be accepted as a trans woman.

8 p.m. Sunday, HBO

Dark waters

You may already know what happened in the 2017 case of journalist Kim Wall, murdered after an ill-fated trip on a homemade submarine. That won't keep you from getting hooked on "The Investigation," a six-part Danish series that looks at how the police ever so slowly got to the truth. There's not a single gunshot or car chase — you never even see the main suspect — but those who would appreciate a more methodical version of "Law & Order" won't be able to turn away.

9 p.m. Monday, HBO

Forever friends

Someday, former romcom star Katherine Heigl will find the perfect comeback vehicle. "Firefly Lane" isn't quite it. The series, in which she plays a talk-show host who depends mightily on her enduring friendship with a mousy introvert (Sarah Chalke), is aimed squarely at fans of "Beaches." But the story relies too much on stereotypes and dopey dialogue. Plus, neither lead offers a version of "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Starts streaming Wednesday on Netflix

Fake pass

The latest installment of "30 for 30" may be titled "Al Davis vs. the NFL," but it's really about the Oakland Raiders owner's battle with Commissioner Pete Rozelle that would forever alter pro football. The documentary, directed by Ken Rodgers, relies on deepfake technology, which is a little like watching a dead musician in a hologram concert. The approach is more distracting than illuminating.

8 p.m. Thursday, ESPN

Piece of me

Past installments of "The New York Times Presents" focused on weighty issues like the Australian wildfires and the death of Breonna Taylor. So you may be puzzled as to why this latest episode is all about Britney Spears. But by examining the conservatorship of the artist, this documentary reveals a lot about how women, even bona fide superstars, get unfair treatment in the business world.

9 p.m. Friday, FX. Also available on Hulu

Neal Justin