U.S. President

Hillary Clinton

U.S. Congress

First District: Tim Walz

Second District: Angie Craig

Third District: Erik Paulsen

Sixth District: Tom Emmer

Seventh District: Collin Peterson

Eighth District: Rick Nolan

Ballot initiative

Minnesota constitutional amendment on legislative pay: Yes

Minnesota Supreme Court

Natalie Hudson

State Senate

District 36: John Hoffman

District 37: Jerry Newton

District 44: Paul Anderson

District 48: Steve Cwodzinski

District 53: Susan Kent

District 58: Matt Little

State House

District 37A: Erin Koegel

District 48A: Laurie Pryor

District 52B: Regina Barr

District 54A: Keith Franke

District 54B: Don Slaten

District 57A: Erin Maye Quade

Hennepin County Board

District 5: Debbie Goettel

Ballot initiative

Minneapolis schools excess-levy renewal: Yes

Minneapolis School Board

At Large: Kim Ellison

District 2: Kimberly Caprini

District 4: Josh Reimnitz

District 6: Tracine Asberry

St. Paul School Board

Jeanelle Foster

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