Watched the movie “Jane Got a Gun” on Netflix a few nights ago. It’s a routine western with dying husband, former boyfriend, and lots of gunshots. Natalie Portman is Jane. (She has never done harm to a movie.)


This film is noteworthy for other than Ms. Portman. It has a dead crow.


Midway into a noisy standoff with bad guys, a sharp noise is heard in this desert cabin. Moment of tension. Gunshot? Breaking and entry? What?


The former boyfriend slowly opens the cabin door, taking a hesitant look outside. He sees about 100 crows flying in a ragged flock, cawing like crazy. First of all, a flock of birds of any species in a desert-based western is worth noting. 


The boyfriend looks down to the cabin porch. There lies a dead crow. 


It flew into the cabin’s attic window and loudly died! Not a giant out-of-place glossy stadium window. Just a small cabin window in the middle of nowhere.


How strange is that? Not the flying-into-the-window part, although the location does stretch things a bit. Truly strange is including a window-reflection bird death as a plot point in a movie. Where did that come from? Was there an Audubon influence?


To Dave and Gypsy, our very good friendrom Jim and Jude, 2016