THE Traveler: Charles Freiss of Marshall, Minn.

The scene: On a January day, a coyote hunts for fish along the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park.

The trip: Freiss was on a guided tour of Yellowstone; one of the only ways to visit geysers and the park’s other interior beauties during the winter is by guided snowmobile or snowcoach. In a snow bombardier, Freiss’ tour covered 80 miles over 10 hours. Yellowstone National Park visited in the winter is a must-see adventure,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Entering at West Yellowstone is the only way into the park in the winter. Scenes like Old Faithful geyser, warm hot springs that keep the Madison River open in the winter, the Mud Pots and wildlife — all this in 4-plus feet of snow.”

The shot: “We were slowly moving along the Madison River when our guide pointed out a coyote coming down the river.” The small tour group watched as the animal moved toward them along the river. Freiss used a Canon digital camera and EF 100-to-400mm lens to get this image, which “just grabs you, the faint colors of the coyote against the black-and-white background. Also the motion conveyed by the front left paw kicking up the snow,” he wrote.

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