Above: A 2005 file photo of the Fruen Mill (Liz Flores)

News this morning that a man fell 40 feet inside the Fruen Mill in Minneapolis' Bryn Mawr area marks the latest in a long history of injuries and deaths at abandoned grain mills and elevators in Minneapolis.

Archives show that four people have fallen at the Fruen Mill in just the last decade; one of whom died. News stories indicate there have been at least 11 incidents at city mills and elevators since 1979, though there were likely many more that went unreported.

Several of the most problematic sites no longer exist, including one at 2845 Garfield Avenue and 928 2nd Street South.

The vacant Fruen Mill, beside Theodore Wirth Park, is owned by Fruen Mills Partners LLC, whose manager is Paul Fry. by a Deephaven firm called Lindstrom Commons LLP. The city issued an $880 assessment against the property this year for being "Open to Trespass," according to online records.

A past plan to convert the mill into condominimums never materialized. Council Member Lisa Goodman said in an e-mail Friday that the site is ripe for development, however, given the winter opening of Bryn Mawr Brewing and recent redevelopment of Push Interactive marketing next door.

Here is a timeline:

June 26, 2015 - A man fell 40 feet inside Fruen Mill near Thomas and Glenwood Avenues North. He suffered serious injuries

June 8, 2015 - A woman dies after falling from Bunge elevator near the University of Minnesota, on 13th Avenue SE.

August 27, 2014 - A man fell 60 feet inside Fruen Mill. He was rescued after a five-hour operation to save him.

October 28, 2006 - A man fell to his death at Fruen Mill after concrete beam gave way.

October 2005 -- A teenager fell 70 feet at Fruen Mill. He survived.

January 2006 -- A 20-year-old University of Minnesota Student died at Bunge grain elevator after falling more than 10 stories.

October 28, 1997 - A homeless man killed another man and raped two women at a grain elevator at 928 S. 2nd St., a former Washburn Crosby elevator on the site of what is now Gold Medal Park.

March 1997 - A frozen body was discovered 30-feet below ground level at the 928 S. 2nd Street elevator.

September 1985 - A youth was killed after a fall at a grain elevator at 2845 Garfield Avenue. The City Council ordered it to be demolished a year later.

September 1982 -- Boy falls from now-demolished grain elevator at 2845 Garfield Ave. He survived.

September 21, 1979 - Boy falls 120 feet inside 2845 Garfield Avenue elevator. He survived.