I have written many times about my non-hunting status and my membership in three hunting organizations. I join because I believe in the conservation work done by these groups. As an example, Ducks Unlimited has 41,226 members in Minnesota. In 2015, these folks raised $3,252,995, an average of $79 per member. This money helped conserve more than 1,879,616 acres in the Mississippi flyway. The flyway covers several other states, so other DU members were involved. DU interest focuses on waterfowl, of course, but millions of songbirds, shorebirds, and raptors also use this flyway. They depend on suitable habitat for feeding and resting as they move north. Also doing work worth noting are Delta Waterfowl and Pheasants Forever. Many organizations do similar, important work. Hunters hardly are alone in this effort. But they make a big difference for birds of all kinds. 


For the same reason, buy a duck stamp. Let that $25 investment in habitat preservation be part of your annual conservation contributions.


Below: Both Shovelers and Marbled Godwits use the Mississippi flyway in spring migration to Minnesota.