From the moment Donald Trump was sworn in as president until noon Monday, precisely one month passed. A total of 744 hours. Here’s how he spent that time.

Time in D.C.

The president spent a little under three-quarters of his time in and around Washington during his first month in office. A little less than half of that was time during which he was officially working — as measured by the time between when the media was told to show up in the morning (known as “call time”) until the media was dismissed in the evening (known as “the lid”). Much of Trump’s work time fell into a few basic categories. The estimates below are based on pool reports. Most events were assumed to be an hour, unless the schedule made obvious that the length was shorter or longer.

• 6 hours spent in intelligence briefings

• 4 hours spent in news conferences

• 6 hours spent signing bills and executive orders

• 21 hours spent on phone calls and in meetings with foreign leaders

• 14 hours spent in listening sessions with various groups

• 182 hours between call time and the lid with other events that were listed on his public calendar, though not every hour was accounted for during that time. Not captured in those categories are a few special events: the inauguration, the National Prayer Breakfast and the two hours his family spent watching “Finding Dory” in the White House theater. (His press secretary said Trump didn’t join in.)

Time in Florida

About a quarter of Trump’s time since he took office has been spent in Florida — mostly at his Mar-a-Lago resort but also on the golf course. Trump’s team is keenly aware that the president spending a lot of time on the golf course is a bit questionable. That’s not because presidents don’t deserve downtime, mind you — it’s just that Trump was an outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s time on the golf course. “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” he said last August. But he’s found time. Trump’s hit the links at least six times since he took office. On at least five of those occasions, he played a full 18 holes.

Time on Twitter

The president, as you may be aware, likes to use Twitter. How much time he spends on it can be hard to determine, so here’s how the estimate was reached: On not infrequent occasions, one of two things will happen: Trump will tweet a string of thoughts over multiple tweets or Trump will delete and reissue a thought on Twitter. To figure out how long it took him to draft a tweet, the Washington Post averaged how much time usually elapsed between those tweets since Jan. 20. On average? Eight minutes and 20 seconds.

• 13 hours (estimated) spent tweeting in Washington, D.C.

 5 hours (estimated) spent tweeting in Florida

• 199 tweets Trump has sent since he was inaugurated

Time everywhere else

Trump has also spent time traveling, including trips to Philadelphia (for a Republican retreat); Dover, Del., (to attend the homecoming of a soldier killed in action); and South Carolina (to tour a Boeing factory).

• 16 hours spent traveling on Air Force One and Marine One

• 10 hours spent everywhere except D.C. and Palm Beach

There’s still plenty of time for these stats to shift. As someone on Twitter noted, Trump’s a month into his term — the equivalent of one minute having expired in an NBA game.

Washington Post