Weapons possession charges against a University of Minnesota professor were suspended Monday, and the man has agreed to pay $500 and sell 14 pistols he bought over a 17-day period last summer.

If Massoud Amin, 56, of Minneapolis, avoids being charged with a weapons-related offense for one year, the seven gross-misdemeanor charges of being an accused felon in possession of a firearm will be dismissed, according to the agreement between Amin and the Minneapolis city attorney’s office.

Amin, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the U’s Technological Leadership Institute, bought 14 pistols from stores throughout the metro area from June 22 to July 9, according to the criminal complaint filed in August in Hennepin County District Court.

Amin made the purchases even though he knew he had been charged in June with aggravated forgery. Charges in that case alleged that he understated the value of a retirement portfolio by more than $145,000 in documents sent to his ex-wife’s divorce attorney. The felony case proceeds and is scheduled to go to trial in April.

“We’re pleased that the case is on track for dismissal,” said defense attorney Christopher Madel, “and we will meet and beat the remaining forgery charges in court.”

City Attorney Susan Segal issued a statement early Monday evening. “The key here is that Mr. Amin will no longer be in possession of or own these guns. Further, there is still a felony charge pending against him and, if convicted, Mr. Amin will be barred from ever possessing a firearm.”

Amin has pointed to various reasons for acquiring the guns: “Gander Mountain had a huge out-of-business sale, summer sales [and] my birthday gifts.”

Amin has been with the university since March 2003. He has professional and consulting experience with McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, NASA, Rockwell International and various federal agencies, including the departments of Defense and Energy.