He's not just a comedic rapper. Here are three songs selected by Prof himself that best show off his other, more pensive side.

"Myself." "It took me a few days to write it, and I cried the whole time. It's about my dad burning our house down when I was 15 years old, after we got into an argument. My dad was bipolar, one of the most loving guys I've known but also an abusive character. I didn't ever want to perform that song, and now I perform it almost every night. The first time I did it live, I saw people's faces change and some of them crying. You don't get that too much with party songs."

"Borrowed Time." "It's sort of a political anthem, which people probably don't get, and it's about new generation vs. old generation, changing culture. It's fun, too, super-dancey, so that's partly why people might miss what it's really about."

"On My Way." "It's one that has a clear positive message. Any time you feel like you [messed up], or if someone you love dies, how do you react? It's about making a commitment to being a better person, and about trusting in yourself and working hard for yourself as the best revenge."