An hour after visiting their grandmother in the hospital, three people took their revenge on the man they believed put her there, authorities say.

Murder charges filed in Olmsted County District Court on Friday say the threesome went to the Rochester home of Brandon M. Arndt in the wee hours of Sept. 10. Malcolm J. Woods allegedly covered his shoes and hands with plastic bags, went to the door and shot Arndt in the face.

Woods, 27, of Rochester, is jailed and charged with murder along with Kielah S. Parsons, 34, of Rochester, and Darien K. Klindworth-Woods, 19, of North Mankato, Minn. All three suspects are grandchildren of a disabled woman who lived next door to Arndt, authorities said.

The three believed that Arndt, 38, had caused harm to their grandmother, 71-year-old Rosetta Barnes, that led to her being hospitalized, the charges read.

According to the complaint, Arndt’s mother told police there was a loud knock at the door, then a loud bang and the sound of her son falling to the ground. Officers arrived about 4 a.m. to the home in the 1900 block of Marion Road SE. and found Arndt shot in the face at close range.

Arndt’s mother told police that her son would help Barnes with maintenance around her home, pick up groceries and help her with her medication.

Shortly before the shooting, Woods, Parsons and Klindworth-Woods were shown on surveillance video leaving the hospital where Barnes was being treated, the complaint said. At a convenience store, Parsons bought snacks and left with extra plastic bags.

The charges say the three drove to Arndt’s home, and Woods put the plastic bags on his hands and feet before walking up to the residence. A single gunshot rang out, and the suspects drove away.

Woods threw the bags in a trash can and sold the gun to another man, charges say.