The 2016 Winter Carnival has its royal family, crowned Friday night in St. Paul.

They are:

• King Boreas LXXX: Jim Flaherty, sponsored by Allegra and Image 360. At 37, Jim is the youngest King Boreas. He is originally from West St. Paul, but now lives in Hugo with his wife and two young sons. He is the owner of an Allegra and Image 360 franchise in St. Paul.

• Aurora, Queen of Snows: Alyssa Sigafus, sponsored by the Royal House of Ideal Printers. She is employed at Ameriprise Financial in Minneapolis, and is finishing her communications and leadership degree at the University of Minnesota. She lives in Plymouth with her husband and 2-year-old daughter.

Other royalty and their sponsors:

• Prime Minister: Amy Mauzy, Royal House of Hamernick’s Decorating.

• Titan, Prince of the North Wind: Joe Gallagher, Royal Houses of Your Team Productions, Lucy Production, and Alliance Bank.

• Princess of the North Wind: Shannon Cherep, Royal Houses of Gopher Bar and Global Fund Charitable Foundations.

• Euros, Prince of the East Wind: Duane Tessmer, Royal House of FFP Wealth Management.

• Princess of the East Wind: Chelsea Bolier, Royal House of Rice Street Festival.

• Zephyrus, Prince of the West Wind: Scott Oien, Royal Houses of Lisa Boe, Keller Williams Premier Realty and Fawn-Doe-Rosa Wildlife Educational Park.

• Princess of the West Wind: Alyssa Ortiz, Royal House of J & J Temperature Controlled Storage Inc.

• Notos, Prince of the South Wind: Joe Bennett, Royal House of Bennett’s Chop and Rail House.

• Princess of the South Wind: Peggy Ly, Royal House of Mama T’s Castle Tap.

• Captain of the Guard: Nick Lesch, Royal House of LCS Company and Iceman Industries.

• Sergeant of the Guard: Tim Chandler, Royal House of Guardian Pest Solutions and Fury Motors.

• King’s Guards: Brandon D’Andre, Bret Hanson, Ryan O’Rourke, Jim Nelson.

• Klondike Kate: Theresa McConnon.

• Royal Coordinators: Brian Thomas May and Melissa Hoffbeck.