By Rachel E. Stassen-Berger

Former state Rep. Matt Entenza, a Democratic candidate for governor, has told other DFL 2010 contenders he's ready to spend millions to win the race but he's still making some steps to raise cash from others. On Tuesday next week, he and his wife, Lois Quam, will head to San Francisco for a fundraising event hosted by Wade Randlett, the president of Dashboard Technology and a big giver in Democratic circles.

Wade Randlett contributed $172,620 in 2008 and bundled, or helped collect, donations worth between $100,000 and $500,000, according

The invitation to the San Francisco event, which also prominently features Entenza's wife Lois Quam, reminds  tells folks that Minnesota's individual campaign limits are $250 per person. (see update)

Here's a copy of the invitation.


While the invitation says that the individual limit for 2009 is $250, it actually is $500 per person, according to Jeff Sigurdson, Assistant Executive Director of the Minnesota campaign finance board.

Thanks to an alert reader for questioning the $250 figure.


Ah, the nuances of campaign finance law.

While the per person limit is $500, it goes down to $250 if a candidate has raised up to $95,800 from certain groups in an off-election year, according to the Entenza campaign.

From the campaign: "Aggregate contributions from large contributors, lobbyists, political committees, and political funds are limited to 20% of the spending limit for Governor/Lt. Governor candidates. In 2007 through 2009 the aggregate limit is $95,800. Large contributors are those individuals whose total contributions exceed $1,000 in an election year and $250 in a nonelection year. The individual’s total contributions, and not just the amount over $1,000 or $250, count toward the aggregate limit."

Entenza is close to raising the $95,800 from those groups, said Bridget Cusick, spokeswoman for the Entenza campaign, so the campaign didn't want to invite people to give $500.


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