Seventeen candidates have been named for open seats on the University of Minnesota Board of Regents.

Four of the 12 seats on the board are open for appointment every two years. Each term lasts six years.

The positions to be filled in 2017 represent Minnesota’s Second, Third and Eighth congressional districts as well as one statewide at-large seat.

Second District: Ian Benson, James Carter and Sandra Krebsbach.

Third District: Walter Erickson, Pamela Langseth, Kent Molde, Darrin Rosha, Ronald Schutz, Tammy Lee Stanoch and Norrie Thomas.

Eighth District: David McMillan.

At-large: Allison Barmann, Thomas Devine, Taqee Khaled, Stacia Nelson, Ken Powell and John Regal.

The Regent Candidate Advisory Council is a 24-member panel established by the Legislature to recruit, screen and recommend candidates. After public interviews Jan. 4-6, the council will recommend finalists to a joint legislative committee that will make the final selection.

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