With summer on its way, for many, it signals lazy days and longer nights. The summer may also be a wonderful time to catch up on maintenance projects and complete all of your “to do” projects around the home.

There are a number of tasks that can preserve the look and efficiency of your home, while also helping to bring you peace of mind.

Looking to take on some maintenance projects the summer? Here are 10 summer tasks to help keep your checklist on track.

1. Gutter maintenance. Summer can be a time of heavy rains. Ensure that your gutters are in top shape before the arrival of fall leaves, especially if tree seedlings glut your gutters.

2. House repainting. After a winter beating, your house may be worse for the wear. The summer is a good time to take on an exterior painting project when days are sunny and days longer.

3. Lawn maintenance. If winter thaw left brown grass or empty patches, summer is a good time to seed your lawn and replant any landscape that may not have survived winter.

4. Home-improvement projects. So many homeowners wait until summer to take on the home-improvement projects that have been on their wish list all year. Looking for ideas? Why not incorporate a fire pit or stone patio into your outdoor environment?

5. Tree maintenance. Following the winter hibernation period, all of nature’s creatures are back. Trim low-hanging branches that may be an attractive means of access to your attic or roof for a curious animal.

6. Insect control. You may want to protect your backyard barbecues and picnics from unwanted visitors.

7. Driveway repaving. Just like there are potholes created in the street from severe weather damage, your driveway may suffer and be in need of a fresh coat.

8. Check your water connections. From outdoor kitchen faucets to your garden hose, now is a good time to make sure everything is in working order.

9. Purge. Now is a great time to clear out that basement, shed or attic and get rid of all of those unwanted and unused items.

10. Check windows and doors. During winter months there is a need to keep cold temperatures out and in summer months, a desire is to keep cool temperatures in. Given the mild temperatures, summer is a good time to consider upgrading or replacing doors and windows.