If you have a taste for comic book-style genre films — those with an element of the extranormal — be of good cheer: There are more than 40 scheduled for wide release in 2017. With the caveat that release dates are subject to change, here are some of the more interesting:

"The Lego Batman Movie" (Feb. 10): I sure didn't expect to enjoy "The Lego Movie" (2014), but I surely did, and that was because of Will Arnett's Lego Batman.

"Logan" (March 3): This will star Hugh Jackman in his last appearance as Marvel mutant Wolverine, loosely based on the story "Old Man Logan," about a dystopic future in which most superheroes are dead and supervillains rule the world. It will have to be a realllllly loose adaptation, since 20th Century Fox doesn't have the film rights for most of the characters in "Old Man Logan," which include cannibalistic Hulks and a blind Hawkeye. It does appear that the spaghetti-western vibe of "Old Man Logan" will be retained, as well as the gradual aging of the main character. The rest will have to be invented.

"Ghost in the Shell" (March 31): This movie is based on a 1989 manga about a cyborg special-ops agent, and a small kerfuffle followed when non-Asian superstar Scarlett Johansson was cast as the lead character in a story that takes place pretty much entirely in Japan. Well, kids, Forbes says Johansson was the top-grossing actor of 2016. Do you want the movie to make money or not? Still, even with the talented and popular Johansson aboard, I'm a bit nervous — often when fantastically successful franchises from other cultures are adapted in the U.S., they fall flat. (See: "Aeon Flux.")

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" (May 5): Supposedly this movie will reveal that (SPOILER!) Peter Quill's true father is a character in Marvel Comics named Ego the Living Planet. That's going to be interesting. Meanwhile, we get to hear what's on Quill's "Awesome Mixtape No. 2," which by itself is probably worth the ticket.

"Wonder Woman" (June 2): Gal Gadot's Amazing Amazon was the best part of "Batman v Superman," and I can't wait to see her without those sad, grumpy men in capes around to depress everyone.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" (July 7): Spider-Man (Tom Holland) may have been the best thing in "Captain America: Civil War," an exceptionally good movie with lots of other good stuff in it. So this movie, which includes Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, should be all kinds of awesome. Especially since it's not another origin story!

"The Dark Tower" (July 28): I grew bored with the "Dark Tower" series of books, which no doubt marks me as a heretic among Stephen King fans. Don't hate on me, Roland Deschain lovers, just go see this adaptation of the first book, "The Gunslinger."

"Thor: Ragnarok" (Nov. 3): OK, everybody knows that "Ragnarok" is the Norse myth where everybody dies, right? And that Hulk and Dr. Strange are guest-starring? And that Marvel superhero Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) is introduced? And that Cate Blanchett — yes, Cate Blanchett — is playing Hela, the Goddess of Death? So, yeah, this should be fun.

"Justice League" (Nov. 17): Please don't suck. Please don't suck. Please don't suck.

"Star Wars: Episode VIII" (Dec. 15): It appears there will be a new "Star Wars" movie every December for the rest of our lives. No complaints here!