Here are samples from Facebook’s “10 albums” lists from around the Twin Cities:

Christy Costello

Public Enemy, “Fear of a Black Planet”; Dr. John, “Gris Gris”; Chrome, “Alien Soundtracks”; Willie Nelson, “The Longhorn Jamboree Presents.”

Julius Collins

Peabo Bryson, “Reaching for the Sky”; Rufus, “Rags to Rufus”; Michael Franks, “The Art of Tea & Sleeping Gypsy”; Weather Report, “Heavy Weather”; the Indigo Girls, “The Indigo Girls.”

Ryan Cameron

The Stooges, “The Stooges”; Patti Smith, “Horses”; Ornette Coleman, “Dancing in Your Head”; Spacemen 3, “The Perfect Prescription”; Nick Drake, “Five Leaves Left”; Big Star, “#1 Record”; Beatles, “Meet the Beatles.”

Chris Riemenschneider

Kiss, “Alive II”; Jimi Hendrix & Otis Redding, “Recorded at the Monterey International Pop Festival”; The Stone Roses, “The Stone Roses”; Lucinda Williams, “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”; Sonic Youth, “Daydream Nation”; John Prine, “German Afternoons.”