07.12.12 THE GAME PLAN

THE BUZZ You can only stare at Twitter hoping for an NBA trade or free agent for so long. At some point, the least eventful sports day of the year catches up to you.

REMOTE PATROL It's the last Lynx game before the team takes a month-long break for the Olympics, so you probably should watch. (Noon vs. Tulsa, FSN).

Click pick Patriots owner Robert Kraft spent part of Wednesday explaining his part in a YouTube video that shows him practicing movie lines with a bikini-clad woman.

STAR GAZING Dwight Howard has played an NBA game for only one team in his career. It just seems as if he has played for dozens of others with all these rumors.

FAST FACT The playoff-contending Nationals will face a dilemma later this year with ace Stephen Strasburg, who has an inning limit while coming back from surgery.