Visitors to Target Field will have a longer menu of Minnesota-centric food options to choose from come the start of the Twins’ 2013 season next week, including a celebrity chef’s burger made with lamb and goat meat.

The new burger comes from longtime Minneapolis chef Andrew Zimmern, who debuted the dish last summer from his AZ Canteen food truck at the Minnesota State Fair. The Canteen Burger will be served at Target Field from a grill at Section 120 and is priced at $13.

Other Minnesota additions for fans to choose from include: Mac’s Fish and Chips ($11.50), of St. Paul; Sheboygan Sausage ($5.50), of Alexandria; and Panino’s Baked Sandwiches ($9), of North Oaks.

Cut from the roster were the walleye on a stick and the turkey leg. Remaining are items such as Kramarczuk’s sausages, Murray’s Steak Sandwich, Valentini’s Mega Meatball, El Burrito Mercado’s Walk A Taco and Loon Café Chili.

Mac’s Fish and Chips will be served at the State Fair stand at Section 133. Former Minnesota North Star Tom McCarthy opened the restaurant in 1991, transforming a St. Paul gas station into a popular fish ’n’ chips shack. It’s now operated by Dan and Tom Flanigan.

Health-conscious fans will be able to find fare at Section 112 in the new Twins Territory Market, which will cater to those with dietary needs or food allergies.

Fans can learn more about Target Field’s concessions and dining offerings at