A first time for everything ...

Brooklyn's Reggie Evans -- and not the Timberwolves' J.J. Barea -- was the first player fined $5,000 last week under the NBA's new anti-flopping policy. Warned once this season already, he was fined for staggering a few steps after bumping into, and drawing a foul call from, Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace, who thought Gerald Wallace should have been fined for flopping in a Tuesday game and not Evans.

"They should just let the refs ref," World Peace told Los Angeles reporters. "They keep changing the rules. The refs are doing the best job they can."

There goes Manna ...

If indeed it is all over, what was your favorite Darko Milicic moment from a 10-year NBA career that could be finished now that Boston granted his request to be waived last week?

Milicic's comeback with the Celtics after the Wolves used their amnesty clause to dump him last summer lasted just five minutes in the regular season. The No. 2 pick in a 2003 draft that included LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Milicic requested his release to be with his ill mother in Serbia. He also had been frustrated by his lack of playing time with his sixth NBA team.

"It's pretty much unemotional, because you never got a chance [to work with him]," Celtics coach Doc Rivers told reporters. "I'd liked to have had that opportunity."

Set your sights high

This might bode well for the Timberwolves on their Tuesday visit to Sacramento: The Kings scored 40 fourth-quarter points Wednesday to beat the Lakers by 16, and coach Keith Smart wants to know why his 3-8 team plays its best only against the Lakers, Boston or Oklahoma City.

He joked the Kings should reconfigure their schedule to eliminate the cream puffs. "We want to play the Lakers and every big team," he told the Sacramento Bee.