For the paper, I wrote about the idiocy of fans who think that the Twins shouldn't rest their best players.

But the story of the night was actually Delmon Young's continuing surge.

He hit two singles and a double in his first three at-bats, extending his hitting streak to 11 games. What's better than the statistics is his approach. He's driving the ball to leftfield, he's picking the right pitches to hit with runners on base, and he's still using rightfield often enough to make himself difficult to pitch to.

He has the second-highest slugging percentage and RBI total on the team, behind Justin Morneau. He also made a running catch in leftfield, slid on the warning track trying to make another, and took third on a fly to medium rightfield. He's proving himself a good baserunner and worthwhile fielder. Most important, he's driving the ball the way everyone in baseball expected he would one day.

With Young surging and Jason Kubel coming out of his slump, the Twins' lineup will have great depth if they can ever get Orlando Hudson and J.J. Hardy back healthy.

-Smart move by Tom Izzo, staying at Michigan State. A former NBA player once told me that college coaches don't succeed in the NBA because they can't stand the absolute lack of respect they get from players. Izzo is a god in East Lansing; in Cleveland he'd be the guy who got fired if LeBron played lousy. Assuming LeBron even returns.

-My favorite spot in Target Field might be on the mezzanine on the leftfield side, where you can look across the field and all the way into downtown. Spectacular.

-I'll be 1500ESPN at 2:40 Wednesday. My twitter name is Souhanstrib.

-Jason Giambi should start taking steroids again. I mean, what's he got to lose? He stinks without them. If he uses them and doesn't get caught, he gets another contract. If he uses them and gets caught, well, he's already confessed. Double jeopardy, right?

-The Knicks are asking Donald Trump and Spike Lee to recruit LeBron. The Wolves are countering with a hologram of Prince and Sid's hearing aid.



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