After Minneapolis proposed a controversial plan to allow four-plexes citywide, upending current rules that limit large swaths of the city to single family homes, we asked for your questions. Minneapolis City Hall reporter Adam Belz answered them.

Q: What is the maximum allowable size (foundation, total impervious, height) and is it proportional to lot size or surrounding buildings? submitted by anonymous

A; We don’t know whether the new plan will limit the footprint of new buildings, but the guidelines would require that fourplexes in most currently single-family neighborhoods be no taller than 2.5 stories.


Q: Any parking requirements? submitted by Joseph Walz

A: No. The comprehensive plan does not require that fourplexes have off-street parking, and in fact proposes no longer requiring a minimum number of off-street parking spaces for new development throughout the city.


Q: Is this some sort of eminent domain thing where the city will force homeowners to sell so fourplexes can be built? submitted by anonymous

A: No. This just changes what is allowed to be built on the property. If someone wants to keep his or her single-family home, the comprehensive plan creates no way to force them to sell it.


Q: How will building fourplexes increase the amount of affordable housing? submitted by Mark J. Kosmas

A: The argument is that eliminating the current restrictions will allow more housing to be built, which will help meet demand and ultimately hold down prices. Basic supply and demand.

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