Some of you might have noticed in our blog description on the left side of the main page here that we invite people to send in "random pictures of pets in Halloween costumes here, though he already knows he will regret that last part."

That has been there for a couple of years. And nobody has taken us up on it. Until today. From reader Heidi Bobier:

Hello Mr. Randball-

This is my puppy, Sheldon--cleverly nicknamed Sheldonut. For his first Halloween he wanted to be Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo. Not one to ignore what my puppy wants, I bought him the shark costume. Good thing I did, too, because you better believe that when Shark Week rolled around he asked to wear it again.

If you're annoyed that I talk about my dog as though he has feelings and opinions, I'm sorry. But not sorry enough to stop doing it.

Sheldon says hi.

Please enjoy (and feel free to post) these pictures of Sheldon during Shark Week. Yes, the photos are called "ShelShark." Thank you for your (mild) interest.

Heidi, Puppy Enthusiast
aka @hbobier

And yes, here are the pictures!


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