You just can't make this stuff up.

One day after Ricky Rubio charmed them at his introductory news conference and one day before the Wolves presumably exercise the highest draft pick in their history, Yahoo! Sports Wednesday night reported what has seemed to be not a matter of if but when since the season ended more than two months ago.

David Kahn has decided to fire Kurt Rambis, but it won't be done or announced until after the draft.

So much for taking the shine off what could have been a rare, victorious week for the Wolves by overshadowing it all with a matter that should have long ago been resolved by now.

Rambis' agent said Wednesday that he and his client haven't been told that, and agent Warren LeGarie said he had gotten off the phone with Kahn.

Yahoo also reported Kahn has been collecting information on University of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar for weeks and will consider him as a candidate, but also reported that Portland assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff will be targeted with the possibility that he'd be head coach until his son, Wolves assistant J.B. Bickerstaff, is ready to take over the head job.

At least Danny Olsen should be happy with that news.

He's a Target Corporation employee from Eden Prairie who has started a Facebook page called "Hire J.B.!" for Wolves head coach.

Bernie Bickerstaff is 67 and has an all-time 415-517 record in 14 seasons with Seattle, Denver, Washington and Charlotte.

He hasn't been a head coach since he went 33-49 with Charlotte in the 2006-07 season.

J.B., the former Gophers player, is 32 and those in the know for some time have envisioned him as a future head coach.

Then the question is, just when will he be ready?

That time fairly soon could be coming.

As for Romar, it sure sounds like he's quite happy at his alma mater and soon probably will announce he's officially not interested.

He told told the Seattle Times Wednesday night he felt uncomfortable discussing the Yahoo report because Rambis still is the Wolves' coach.

"It's awkward, maybe, more than flattering," Romar said. "For one, there is a current coach there. So that makes it awkward."

Romar signed a 10-year contract extension last year that pays him $1.7 million annually, not including bonuses.

Why the interest in Romar when very few college coaches, if any other than Rick Pitino maybe, has made the transition to the pro game?

His teams play the kind of fast-paced, running style that Kahn believes he has built this roster to play.

That's all for Wednesday night.

Who knows what Thursday will bring with this organization?


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