In a piece that turns logic on its head, the Wall Street Journal opines that Gov. Tim Pawlenty's political ambitions got a boost from the Minnesota Supreme Court's decision that his budget balancing was illegal.

It's been a bad week for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Of course, it's also been a good week for Republican Presidential Contender Tim Pawlenty.


This may not be bad news at all if you are—as Mr. Pawlenty is—a potential 2012 Republican presidential contender establishing your credentials as a fiscal conservative. Pawlenty partisans note that, in the long run, the Supreme Court ruling will stand as a graphic illustration that the governor has tried every means possible, and then some, to hold down spending as a way to attack the state's deficit problems.

Read the full piece, which also quotes Minnesota commentator Blois Olson about Pawlenty's lack of legacy,  here.

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