Snow with so many golden leaves on the trees: wrong. Too soon. At least we didn’t get the seven inches predicted a few days ago; that would have made people gnash teeth and rend garments. Unless you’re one of those people who loves winter so much the prospect of omnipresent whiteness from now until May makes you leap up and clap your hands, in which case I can only root for your incessant disappointment. I know, I know - if you don’t like five months of snow, move!

Could we agree on four months and three weeks?

WEB Everpix is shutting down, and here’s why, from the Verge. Short version: they ran out of money. But a lot of these cloud services seem to be proposing solutions to problems that aren’t really problems - the founder said he was frustrated by the work required to keep his vacations pictures straight. I’ll agree that it’s more complicated than it was in the Instamatic Days, when you got back 24 pictures, threw away two blurry ones, and put the rest in the drawer. Now you come back with 500 pictures. It’s OVERWHELMING . . . I guess. But I take them off my devices at the end of the day, put them in a folder, then do some triage on the plane. Use a batch file-renamed to give them sensible names, and there you have it. By the time I get home, they’re organized. Is it really that hard? (Hint: no.)

Here’s an interesting project: letting bored people with a philanthropic bent help identify the proper parameters of long-gone buildings on old New York insurance maps. You may say: why? Because it’s a valuable historical record, and computers need our help to identify structures properly. Go here for an introduction, then start clicking! I hope my experience wasn’t typical, because I clicked “NO” or “FIX” 20 times before I was convinced I was doing it wrong and ruining everything. (via Wired, which has a story on the project.)

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON In case you missed what’s going around the internet lately, besides deep ennui over the early snow, here’s what it looks like when a Venezuelan subway opens its door.

It’s not the length of the stop. The car could stay at the station for half an hour and you suspect it would be the same.

In unrelated news that also makes you weep for humanity: here’s the Mother of the Year fro 2013:

If the internet behaves as expected, this woman will be getting death threats by the end of the week.  Then they’ll call her work and harass her boss until he fires her. Then they will be happy because they’re better than her.

It’s the Mickey ears that really get you in the chestal area.