A documentary written and produced by Laverne “Orange is the New Black” Cox about a black transgender woman convicted of a killing outside a south Minneapolis bar has scheduled its world premiere, festival organizers announced.

“Free CeCe!” debuts at the LA Film Festival, scheduled for June 1-9. The film follows CeCe McDonald’s survival after she fatally stabbed a white man in June 2011 during a brawl with a group of people taunting McDonald and others with racist and homophobic slurs outside the Schooner Tavern.

Premieres in Minnesota and elsewhere are planned for later this year.

McDonald, who was cut in the face during the mayhem, was convicted of manslaughter and served 19 months in the men’s prison in St. Cloud.

Since her release in January 2014, the 27-year-old McDonald has been a well-traveled advocate for transgender rights, in particular for those who have been incarcerated.