Theater suspect will stand trial, judge says

A judge ruled that there's enough evidence for James Holmes, 25, to face trial on charges that he killed 12 people and injured 70 in a Colorado movie theater last summer. Judge William Sylvester said prosecutors have established probable cause to proceed with 166 felony counts.


Sandusky lawyers argue for new trial Jerry Sandusky, 68, attended a hearing at which his lawyers argued that he deserves a new trial on child molestation charges because they didn't have enough time to prepare for the first one. The former Penn State assistant coach played no role in the proceedings, but briefly greeted his wife.


Pentagon prepares for budget cuts

Fearing that Congress and the president may not reach a deal on spending and the deficit, the Pentagon is freezing civilian hiring, limiting maintenance work and delaying approval of some contracts. The steps, announced Thursday, are designed to be reversible should a compromise be reached.


Journalism strike appears averted A threatened journalism strike to protest government censorship appeared to have been averted when the reform-minded Southern Weekly newspaper appeared on newsstands and in mailboxes as scheduled.