Rielle Hunter won't be prosecution witness

Rielle Hunter, the woman who was spirited into hiding in December 2007 while pregnant with John Edwards' baby, will not be called by prosecutors in the trial of the former Democratic presidential candidate. Prosecutors trying Edwards on charges of campaign finance violations told the judge that they expect to wrap up their case Thursday, and Hunter was not on their list of witnesses. She still could be called by the defense, but analysts said that was unlikely.


Police face trial in homeless man's death

Two Southern California police officers were ordered to stand trial in the death of a mentally ill homeless man after a violent arrest last summer in a Fullerton parking ramp where he was seen looking into cars. Video of the confrontation shows the officers pummeling and pinning down Kelly Thomas, 37, as he screams that he can't breathe and moans for his father until he goes silent and is taken away by medics.


Roadside bomb goes off near U.N. car

A roadside bomb hit a Syrian military truck just seconds after the head of the U.N. observer team drove by in the city of Daraa, demonstrating the fragility of the international plan to end the country's bloodshed. Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, the Norwegian head of the U.N. observer team who narrowly missed the blast, said it was unclear whom the attack was targeting. Ten Syrian soldiers were wounded. In Washington, President Obama notified Congress that he is extending a "national emergency" that allows the president to impose a variety of sanctions against Syria.


Another attempt fails at forming coalition

Left-wing leader Alexis Tsipras threw in the towel on efforts to form a government, making another snap election more likely. Tsipras' radical Syriza party was the surprise second-place finisher in Sunday's general election after a campaign in which he vowed to roll back austerity measures and tear up bailout agreements with international lenders. On Thursday, the task of trying to put together a government will fall to Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos, but few expect him to succeed where Tsipras and New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras failed before him.


Tymoshenko ends prison hunger strike

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko ended a hunger strike that started on April 20 to protest her treatment in prison. Tymoshenko, held in the city of Kharkiv, was transferred to a state hospital to receive treatment for back problems and the effects of her fast. Tymoshenko, imprisoned on abuse of power charges, was one of the leaders of the Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution.


Senate approves 'dignified death' law

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a "dignified death" law giving terminally ill patients and their families more power to make end-of-life decisions. The law passed 55-0, with 17 senators declaring themselves absent. It passed the lower house last year.